Immigration & Business Consultant | CEO & Founder at Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd.

A= Adroit
D= Dexterous
I= Ingenious

L= Leader

Authorized Agent of RCIC of Government of Canada

Family Background:


Mr. Adil belongs to a Nobel family. His whole family is practicing the same Immigration Support Service business.  Mr. Adil's father (Mr. Mohammad Ismail) was holding one of the largest Immigration firms (Westland Multi Services) in Central Karachi for Canadian Immigration, before his sudden death on 10th January 2012 (RIP).

His real uncle Mr. Manzoor Ahmed Memon was Secretary, Excise & Taxation Department, and recently retired from this post, previously served for Home Department and Health Department of Sindh. 

17 + Years of experience in providing immigration and business consulting services. Leading a renowned registered company ' M/s Superior Consulting - Immigration & Business Consulting Network since 2004 in Pakistan and in UAE since 2014. Mr. Adil Ismail is the best-recognized face in Pakistan as well as in the Middle East, among various Immigration Consultants.


Mr. Adil Ismail is highly competent and experienced in presenting Immigration cases to Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, UK, Europe and Canada with the assistance of Legal Lawyers and Licensed members of respective countries. He is himself a Law Graduate.


Being highly experienced, very well qualified and internationally trained, he is an expert in creating the future of people in the country of their choice. So far, Mr. Adil Ismail has assissted 16,000+ Successful Clients to settle abroad with their families. He has very trained staff assisting him in Superior case submission and presentation. Unlike other consultants, he is very straightforward, law-abiding and at the same time very humble for those who genuinely seeking his advice and willing to get his professional expertise. For some, he can be very expensive to retain his services but not for all who knows the value of expert advise and its influence in their application.

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A Message from Mr. Adil

"I am happy and proud to have grown to this stature in such a short period, but I am in no way resting on my laurels, I have many exciting changes and innovations in the pipeline, and I am planning to expand my immigration services to many more countries. I being Senior Consultant made a promise to myself and to you, to provide the best quality consulting service, and I am honored to keep my promise to help you realize your dreams".

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