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Kashif Hafeez, PMP

I have known Mr. Adil as Senior Immigration Consultant / Director of Superior Consulting for more than two (02) years. When talking about Mr. Adil’s professional expertise, the most important aspects that I have experienced are his honesty and knowledge which makes him a top-level consultant, and for that matter ‘Superior Consulting’ has a unique place in the market of Immigration and Student VISA services. I found him very dedicated to his clients as he provides special attention during assessments and the processing of their cases. 


Mansoor Habib (Mak)

I found Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. to be an excellent service provider. Mr. Adil Ismail is heading this company professionally and advising prospective immigrants honestly. He is a thorough gentleman and above all very sincere, honest, and professional experienced immigration consultant. I would have no hesitation in recommending his services to others seeking competent and honest immigration consultants in Pakistan. May Allah Bless you Mr. Adil and his team.


Col. (R) Syed Waqar Abbas Naqvi

I have never seen such a dynamic, knowledgeable, competent, and highly skilled Immigration consultant who has a solid grip on UK, Canada, and Australian Immigration. I applied through Mr. Adil Ismail's expert advice and I got my UK HSMP Approval and Visa in 2008. I wish him and his company the best of luck and prosperity.

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Naseer Ahmad

the corporate sales manager at Mark &Trade excelsior

November 30, 2011, Naseer was a client of Adil’s

Mr. Adil Ismail c/o superior consultant HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL consultant for immigration excellent work at reasonable cost superlative work on professional assessment honest and nice person

Dr. Nadia Siddiqui

Elearning Consultant at Moorfields Eye Hospital, London

February 5, 2011, Dr. Nadia was a client of Adil’s

It gives me immense pleasure to write this Recommendation for Mr. Adil Ismail and his Company Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. I got my HSMP UK Immigration approval in 2008 through Mr. Ismail’s diligent services and in-depth knowledge regarding UK Immigration Law. The success of my HSMP application was based on excellent support from Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. management and team. 

I am quite satisfied with Mr. Adil’s Immigration Support Services.


Waqar Azeem, MBA-IT, EMCDSA, OCP(Apps DBA), PMP

DBA | Data Engineering | Big Data | Cloud | Data Science | Project Management

August 25, 2010, Waqar was a client of Adil’s

Mr. Adil is a person of strong character and a true leader who knows how to manage even in most difficult situations. He is an experienced Immigration Consultant who is leading a renowned Immigration company in Pakistan. Although I have never met him or visited his company as I am residing in Saudia Arabia but I contacted one of his managers after searching over internet and I really got impressed with the work they have done yet. Every employee of the company is well trained by Mr. Adil. He has led his Immigration Support Company quite successfully. He is a dedicated and well-oriented professional, always manage to complete his task with perfection and has the ability to accept challenges. I wish him all the success in his professional and personal life. Good Luck Superior Consulting !!


Dr. Hina Tehseen

Principal at Dr. Tehseen Learning School

August 25, 2010, Dr. Hina was a client of Adil’s

It gives me immense pleasure to write this recommendation for Mr. Adil Ismail, Senior Consultant of Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. I hired him in 2008 for my HSMP application. I must say he has extensive knowledge about UK Immigration and he is an expert in presenting UK immigration applications. I got my approval in 2008 and thereafter my spouse applied as a dependent visa through Superior Consulting and got the same result. After coming to UK, I applied for my US-born son as an HSMP dependent but unfortunately got refused as I did not take Superior Consulting's advise and thought it would be an easy process and I will get my son's dependent visa in no time but I must say that I was wrong. I approached Superior Consulting again and talk to Mr. Adil who was very kind as ever and took up my son's case and filed an appeal against the decision. I am pleased to write here that now I have received My Son's appeal allowed made by Mr. Adil. I recommend anyone who is thinking to hire a reliable consultant in Pakistan then look no further, just consultant Mr. Adil Ismail for expert, reliable and affordable advise. Good Luck Sir! I pray for your success.







Agile Transformation Consultant, Capability Strategist, Agile Coach, Trainer, Scrum Master-Agile Capability Uplift

July 13, 2010, Ovais Zahid PMI-ACP, was a client of Adil’s

Mr. Adil Ismail is a thorough gentleman and expert in Immigration matters. I had been looking for an immigration company to help represent my case with Canadian Immigration and had contacted a few companies to file for my application under Fast Track Skilled Category, only to regret later that they either thought I wasn't eligible or gave me such a poor service that I had to drop an idea for hiring immigration consultants. Suddenly, I came across Mr. Adil’s contribution on different web forums whereby I contacted him and discussed my case. He assured me 100% result through his services and later I realized that it was true. I got my approval and I really appreciate Mr. Adil’s honesty, professionalism and the firm command over immigration matters. I wish him the best of luck for future endeavors and recommend all my colleagues to hire Mr. Adil’s services if they are planning to move abroad.

Karim Meghji

M.D at NewCapeGrace Guest House Hotels in Islamabad

May 14, 2010, Adil was a client of Karim’s

I met Adil in person on his visit to Islamabad @NewCapeGrace.I would like to say that he is an honorable individual with great personality. Adil had appointments with clients in Islamabad which were arranged in the NCG Hall. He deals with his clients in a very efficient manner and does a wonderful job in providing consultancy. 
I wish him all the best for his future and look forward to meet him again in the near future.

C.R.O Sharjah Office

Client Relation Officer at S.C.P.L. FZE (UAE)

April 30, 2010, C.R.O reported directly to Adil

Mr. Adil Ismail, Senior Consultant and Director of Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd. is very Professional, Polite, Caring and Sincere Employer. I always feel comfortable in his company. Very good trainer for his employee. Manage people with care and listen to every single problem of each employee and try to solve it immediately. I have never seen such a brilliant Boss with a friendly approach. Very committed to his work and very strict in his dealings with clients to sort Genuine requirements. I admire and Pray for his further Success.


Database Administrator, Architect and Business Continuity Expert

April 29, 2010, MAJID was a client of Adil’s

I have taken services from Superior Consulting for Australian immigration and few other family visit visas, I am completely satisfied with his consultancy services and I am strongly recommending Mr. Adil Ismail / Superior Consulting. Superior Consulting is a bunch of professionals leading by Mr. Adil, and for him I must say that he is a wonderful person being as a human being and have extraordinary knowledge in immigration type matters. Mr. Adil’s consultancy gives me a complete peace of mind because of his way of handling cases in a very proficient way. 
I wish Mr.Adil and his company best of luck and success.

Abeer Qureshi

Lead Technical Architect

February 11, 2010, Abeer was a client of Adil’s

I hired Adil's (Superior Consulting (Pvt) Ltd.) services through a friend's reference for my immigration process to Australia, which is currently in progress.

One notifiable thing about him is that he's trustworthy and reliable agent, unlike many fake agents out there.

He's a senior consultant and guides his clients very well, He keeps himself up to date with all the changing immigration rules and updates his clients appropriately. His compiled final applications stand out from the rest.

As a client, I learned two most important things about him.

1. Always do your homework; Pay attention to all the small details such as dates / your full name on all documents and that your documents fulfill all immigration requirements.

2. Apply as soon as possible; Migration to the Western world is like a train, if not caught on time, running after it does not help.

Hayyan Durrani

Project Manager (Contract) at TUI

February 11, 2010, Hayyan was a client of Adil’s

I have known Mr. Adil / Ms. Superior Consulting since 2004. This company has provided services to me in order to shift my entire family to the UK under HSMP. They have been extremely professional in rendering their services and hence value for money. I believe their approach was extremely focussed and updated as this programme had changed significantly since 2004 when my parents initially applied through 2008 when I applied for my HSMP visa under rigid regulations. On top of all when I moved to the UK in 2009 I again hired services from Mr. Adil / Ms. Superior Consulting to bring my wife and my son to the UK as my dependents which were again a case of different nature as documentation was supposed to originate from the UK. At this point where it makes sense to hire local services (consultants in the UK), I still preferred to go for Mr. Adil / Ms. Superior Consulting and my dependents was endorsed entry clearance at first attempt!

I wish Superior consultancy success in future and recommend people to use their services.



Ambreen Khurram


February 7, 2010, Ambreen was a client of Adil’s

I am thankful for Mr. Adil's assistance with my HSMP Visa process. It has been a pleasure working with someone as efficient as Mr. Adil and his firm.

Mr. Adil made the whole process seem far more organized and faster, then it probably what it is actually. Although I was previously refused to apply through myself eventually Mr. Adil and his firm got it approved.

I have in the past recommend Superior Consulting and of course Mr.Adil's services to others and would continue to do so in the future.

Muslim Khan

Branch Manager at MCB Bank Limited

February 3, 2010, Muslim was a client of Adil’s

It has been great to work with you: You were very kind and very helpful. Answers to requests come quickly and they are precise and courteous. Mr. Ismail was always there to reassure and to guide me in the otherwise very obscure process of getting HSMP Approval. I have no words to express my appreciation for your GREAT and PROFESSIONAL service

Sheharyar Akbar

Chief Executive Officer at Shaheen Insurance Company Ltd

February 3, 2010, Sheharyar was a client of Adil’s

I found Superior Consulting (Pvt) Ltd. on the Internet and visited them for Malaysia My Second Home Program. I got impressed with Mr. Ismail’s way of dealing and grip on Immigration issues. I got my Malaysia My Second Home Program Visa within 1 and a half month. Indeed Mr. Ismail is a very professional and top class trustworthy Immigration Consultant in Pakistan.


Pervaiz Akhtar

(Seeking New Position) AML Advisory, KYC, QA, Risk Assessment, Financial Crime, Sanction, Transaction Monitoring

December 29, 2009, Pervaiz was a client of Adil’s

I am highly recommend Adil for his extraordinary knowledge in Immigration matters, A bunch of people whom I know personally including me and one of my other family member got UK Immigration through Adil's efforts. He is absolutely brilliant in his work. 
Well, good Like Adil and keep it up.

Dr. Aziz Hussain

Consultant Gastroenterologist, Incharge of G.I Division at Karachi Adventist Hospital

December 22, 2009, Dr. Aziz was a client of Adil’s

I have hired Mr. Adil Ismail for my UK Immigration application in 2008. I have no reservation in saying that Mr. Adil is very knowledgable, experienced and expert in Immigration related issues. Besides professionalism, he is very kind and humble in his attitude. I am really thankful to him for getting my HSMP Visa along with my family and I really appreciate his work and recommend to others.

Tariq Ahmed Bijarani

Management Accountant / Manager Finance at Tihama Power Generation Co. Ltd., Saudi Arabia

December 22, 2009, Tariq Ahmed was a client of Adil’s

Mr. Adil Ismail is extremely proficient in proving Immigration Support Services to UK & Australia. I applied my HSMP (UK) & Australian Skilled Immigration from Superior Consulting (Pvt.) Ltd and received approval in both the country. I am really thankful to Mr. Adil, who guided me and presented my case in such a manner that resulted in success. I am very much inspired by Mr. Adil's professional and sincere with work approach. In addition, Mr. Adil has a brilliant staff and the level of service remain on top throughout the process and client's dealing. I have no reservation in referring this company and Mr. Ismail to many more

Imran Shaikh

Legal Administrator at Pakistan Petroleum Limited

December 21, 2009, Imran was a client of Adil’s

Mr. Adil is a highly competent Immigration Consultant I have ever met. I have found him excellent in every way and would recommend it to anyone without any hesitation given the opportunity. I have dealt with other immigration consultants and there has been none like him. Very knowledge expert in his field. Very friendly in approach and sincere in dealing. Keep it up Mr. Adil ! you and your company will be a TOP Brand name in the Market soon.

Cassim Bharoocha

Senior Technology Risk Manager at Commonwealth Bank

December 20, 2009, Cassim was a client of Adil’s

I met many consultants and discussed with each of them my options, but only Adil Sahib satisfied my answers well, then he topped it all with astonishingly positive and timely results as well. I guess, people can rely on him to fulfill their migration needs.

Sandeela Sumeem

Scrum Certified Technical Project Manager

December 17, 2009, Sandeela was a client of Adil’s

Mr. Adil Ismail is an excellent, honest and trustworthy immigration consultant. He is an expert in his field. Not only that he never misguides his client but also helps them in seeking every possible way to help his clients which in the end becomes more of a Mentor relationship than just a client-Consultant thing! I would strongly recommend Mr. Adil Ismail to the prospective immigrants to seek his services and get 100% success chances at a very affordable price.

Humayyun Abbas

Skilled Professional from Karachi

May 2nd, 2019, Humayyun was a client of Adil’s

Highly recommended services of superior consulting..senior adviser Adil Sahab is a thorough professional who gives full attention to your cases & helps with prompt responses having a competent team..thanks for all the cooperation & helping me come to canada as an immigrant

Arsalan Khan

Skilled Professional from Lahore

Sept 24, 2019, Arsalan was a client of Adil’s

Just received my Australian 489 visa grant today within 10 months. To the point & professional services. Highly recommended... Do your homework & leave the rest on them.

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