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Qualification :

  • Innovative and competent professional with a successful performance record.

  • Demonstrated capability of handling, advising, and managing immigration cases for all countries.

  • A quick thinker who can master new concepts rapidly and convey them to others.

  • Adept at researching, organizing, reporting, and presenting the information.

  • Highly skilled in management, public relations, and counseling.

  • Solid record of winning complex immigration cases.

  • Demonstrated skill in organizing, coordinating, and motivating colleagues and staff.

  • Studied UK, Canada, and Australian Immigration Laws in depth.

  • Strong legal associations. 


Experience :


Company policy and procedural development - Designed and implemented new policies and procedures within the company.


The introducer of UK HSMP and Hong Kong Quality Migrant Program in Pakistan.

The Introducer of One-to-One One Immigration Counseling Seminars all around the world

Successfully processed and represented more than 16,000+ clients in UK, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, and Malaysia Since 2004.


Well versed with the skilled workers as well as business migration applications.


Won thousands of refused cases.


Education :


  • Bachelor of Computer Sciences

  • Bachelor of Law (LLB)


So far, Mr. Adil has helped 16000+ clients to settle abroad through legal immigration. Being highly experienced, very well qualified, and internationally trained, he is an expert in creating the future of people in the country of their choice. This he does with his strong command on these matters exhibiting competence, confidence, and capabilities with a definite delivery of positive results. In addition to that, he is respectfully sympathetic, considerate, and friendly in his approach towards providing possible solutions to the client’s future plans



Mr. Adil Ismail's Profile

Senior Immigration Consultant | 20+ Years of Experience
Authorized Agent of RCIC Government of Canada.

Family Background:

Mr. Adil belongs to a Nobel family. His whole family is practicing the same Immigration Support Service business.  Mr. Adil's father (Mr. Mohammad Ismail) was holding one of largest Immigration firms (Westland Multi Services) in Central Karachi for Canadian Immigration, before his sudden death on 10th January 2012 (RIP).

His real uncle Manzoor Ahmed Memon was Secretary, Excise & Taxation Department and recently retired from this post, previously served for Home Department and Health Department of Sindh.

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